Carbon neutral goals

As printers, we have to have a reliable and continuous supply of electricity. This leaves a "green printer" with a choice of ways in which to minimise and then offset the use of Victoria's necessary but dirty brown coal generation of electricity.

We, as a Green company, offset our greenhouse-gas emissions by:

  • buying green power
  • reducing heating and cooling needs using better building insulation and minimal airconditioning
  • reducing lighting requirements by increasing natural light available and replacing conventional fluoro tubes with curlies and Led light fittings
  • office and studio layouts are open plan and maximise natural light, task lighting is used and office colours are neutral and so do not influence feelings of being too cold or too hot leading to overuse of airconditioning.
  • using hot water systems that are extremely efficient and solar powered
  • using hybird technology or gas in our company vehicles

As with all our processes, our Quality Assurance program and our sustainable practices program are developed on the basis of continuous improvement - adopting best practice where possible.